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Ruane Center for the Humanities

Ruane Center for Humanities
Ruane, lecture room on the second floor
St. Thomas Statue: August 21, 2013
ruane humanities hallway
ruane stained glass
Ruane great room
Ruane great room
Ruane classroom

Dedicated in October 2013, and a festive event featuring the eminent historian David McCullough, the Ruane Center for the Humanities is home to Providence College’s Development of Western Civilization Program, its School of Arts & Sciences, its Liberal Arts Honors Program, and its departments of English and History. Designed for teaching and learning, the building features seminar rooms, lecture halls, and space for small group meetings – all designed for flexibility. The stunning second-floor Liberal Arts Honors seminar room provides views of nine campus buildings. Twenty-four stained-glass windows, 18 depicting significant figures in the history of Western Civilization and six highlighting liberal arts honors disciplines, are a beautiful focal point in the building’s Fiondella Great Room.

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