Ruane Friar Development Center Contruction

Ruane Friar Development Center

Ruane Friar Development Center

Ruane FDC
2/8/2018   looking north from the second floor, the large span beams are being placed. The beams span 128’ allowing for a large open space below for the two full courts. In the left corner you see tents spanning the half way point of the beams on the ground. Due to their large size, each beam comes in two sections and is welded together here on site before being hoisted into place.
FDC first floor
2/08/2018    New athletic offices will be located on first floor
Ruane RDC
2/08/2018   First steel beam in place over the practice courts. 8 more to go!

Foundation and footings are in

FDC Foundation contruction

Ruane Friar Development Center steel

Design phase has been completed

Site enabling work has begun. Relocation of utility lines and plumbing underway.