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Tree Inventory and Management

Project Overview

In April 2015, Providence College hired Bartlett Tree Experts to create an in-depth inventory, status, and management plan for the approximately over 2000 trees on the campus. As part of the inventory process, the team of arborists conducted a visual inspection of each tree from the ground to conduct a comprehensive  evaluation of each tree for condition and risk of failure. The goal was to evaluate the impact of wood decay in stems and buttress roots that show potential for failure and to determine presence and condition of the root system. As part of the management plan, various trees on the campus were identified and for remediation, maintenance, or removal.  The most recent tree inventory plan is available below.

Download the Tree Inventory Management Plan (14mb, Adobe .pdf) 2015

In 2011, Bartlett Tree Experts conducted the same in-depth inventory, status, and management plan for the campus and based on this evaluation, 34 trees were identified for immediate removal due to the extent of the damage and the danger these trees represented should they have fallen on their own.  These trees were removed in the summer of 2012.

Providence College Tree Inventory and Management Plan 2011 Final.pdf (2011)

Tree Inventory & Management July 2012Tree Inventory & Management July 2012Tree Inventory & Management July 2012


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